The Algodon Mansion in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Situated in the heart of Recoleta, a premier residential neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Algodon Mansion is a picturesque stroll away from major shopping districts, outstanding restaurants, art galleries and cafés. The building itself is a historic testament to the beautiful architecture of the early 1900s. (more…)


The Limited Edition Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse

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If you live in America and want one of the 15 Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse slated for the North American market, you’ll be happy to know you can have it any color you want, so long as it’s yellow. Seems a bit odd, we’ll agree, but Lambo’s Giallo Midas is kind of a trademark for the brand. (more…)


The new Hatha Yoga experience at Les Bains de Lea NUXE Spa Bordeaux

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Les Bains de Lea NUXE Spa at Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux & Spa announced the launch of its brand new yoga offering overlooking the rooftops of Bordeaux. Private and group yoga sessions will take place on the spa’s spectacular wrap-around roof terrace. (more…)


The Pineapple Mojito Cocktail Recipe

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Mojitos typically ooze summer enjoyment with their delicate balance of citrus flavors, sugar and sugar-based spirits, along with some mint, of course. Cocktails can be deceptively simple, and yet still as refreshing as other, more complex drinks. (more…)


The Venice International Film Festival: Aug 28 – Sept 7, 2013

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This year marks the 70th annual Venice International Film Festival, also known as La Biennale di Venezia an event aimed at raising awareness and promoting international cinema in its entirety. This upcoming year, the Festival will be held from August 28th through September 7th, 2013 on the Lido of Venice. (more…)


Art and Culture package at Capri Palace Hotel and Spa

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Located in Anacapri, high in the hills above the town and the sea, the Capri Palace Hotel and Spa is one of Anacapri’s finest with its stunning sea views, throwback Roman Empire elegance and Michelin-star restaurant L’Olivo. With 77 guestrooms and suites, this magnificent 5-star hotel is the perfect refuge from the crowds. (more…)


Michelle Williams poses for Louis Vuitton

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Perhaps best known for her role in the 2005 hit “Brokeback Mountain,” the 32-year-old American actress has never previously appeared in a major fashion campaign despite her strong red-carpet pedigree. (more…)


Cycling vacation in France: The Burgundy Bike Tour

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The Burgundy Bike Tour is a six-day, five-night luxury cycling vacation that transports riders through the breathtaking vineyards and lush woodlands of France. In totality, the tour runs approximately 32 miles, featuring key stops along the way from Beaune to the final destination of Burgundy. (more…)


Wequasset Resort and Golf Club: A Premier Cape Cod Destination

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With a name meaning “crescent on the water”, it is no surprise that this superior Cape Cod getaway has earned a reputation as the finest resort in Massachusetts, if not the entire East Coast. (more…)

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