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Jewelry has been known to be one of the best gifts to give anyone, especially a woman. However when most men buy the women in their lives jewelry, they sometimes buy them the wrong kinds. They could be wrong in terms of the color, the size or just the design. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, bespoke concierge company Pure Entertainment Group is happy to share 5 tips that you can use to help you buy women jewelry.

• Know her size
This is important due the fact that jewelry will act as an accessory. And all accessories have to blend in with the size and shape of the women. For example, if the woman is a bit chubby, large jewelry will make her look much bigger than she really is. So for chubby women, you have to get them smaller jewelry. They will enhance their features more.
If the woman is petite, the large jewelry will look great on them. Also ensure that you buy them the piece of jewelry that is appropriate for a particular occasion. You can “borrow” one of her lesser-worn rings (to avoid suspicion) to take to the boutique to have the perfect size.

• Ask friends/family
Ask for feedback to friends and family. For example, her sister, mother or her close friends can help you choose the right jewelry for your woman (never underestimate the power of another woman’s perspective). Or, you can also get feedback from personal shoppers, sales associates on what is in style now. This will help you target the best jewelry that suits your woman and the department stores that sell them.

• Choose something special
Buying jewelry to your woman should evoke something special such as a birthday, an anniversary, a romantic getaway, an engagement etc…Make a memorable purchase and she will always remember the jewelry and the person who gifted them. For example, you can present the jewelry piece in a unique and unexpected way (both packaging and setting are key) and she will always remember you.

• Know her lifestyle/preferred designer
It’s important to know the lifestyle of your woman. A fashion-obsessed, 20-something girl may not have the same taste than the busy working wife and mom. Have a look at her wardrobe and the jewelry she already has and buy something that will easily blend. Don’t forget to choose colors and styles that will blend in with her clothes and other accessories.

• Relevance
Don’t forget to buy relevant jewelry. Some pieces are meant for the runway while other aren’t. Make sure you buy the jewelry she will actually wear and that will make her happy.

If you need help in finding the perfect jewelry piece for your woman this Valentine’s Day, contact luxury concierge Pure Conciergerie.

Email concierge@purentonline.com for details

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Photo courtesy Mechele Pellebon Mallard

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