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Spring has sprung, and with the new season comes all the beauty that spring has to offer. From freshly bloomed flowers, to newly sprouted blades of grass, spring is a season of new beginnings. Whether you have an old love that runs deep or a new love that is just beginning to ripen, now is the perfect time to indulge in a little spring fever, and we have put together our five favorite places in Europe to do just that! Pure Entertainment Group, a bespoke concierge company is introducing you its list of 5 romantic cities to discover in Europe. Have a look at the selection below:

This beautiful Czech city, which was once the capital of the Roman Empire, was founded over 1,100 years ago. With a rich history and historic buildings and monuments which have survived the World Wars, the city of Prague provides the picture-perfect scenery for couples to discover culture, art, history, and love with its lush gardens, great museums, and breathtaking architecture. Visit the majestic Prague Castle and roam the grounds hand in hand. Enjoy a romantic meal aboard river cruise along the Vltava, the longest river in the Czech Republic. Cross the romantic Charles Bridge, but be sure to bring a padlock: if you do a little exploring, you will find a fence filled with padlocks where you can “lock in” your eternal love. How romantic!

Monte Carlo
With all of the excitement that comes with the Formula 1 Grand Prix races, many often overlook the constant romance in the air in lovely Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco. With its endless landscapes and breathtaking beaches, Monte Carlo is an enchanting location to kick off your shoes and stroll hand in hand along the sand while watching a gorgeous sunset, or to bring your lady luck to test your hand at the legendary Casino de Monte Carlo, celebrating with an elegant meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Whether it’s Monte Carlo’s low-key allure of being surrounded by mountain and the Mediterranean Sea or its old Hollywood glitz and glamour that attracts you to it, Monte Carlo is calling you and your other half.

One of the romantic cities you will ever visit, Venice is a wonderful city to explore with your beloved. Made up of 117 small islands, the city allows you to island hop from one place to the next by water taxi or gondola, so you can experience the vibe of each distinct locale. A beautiful backdrop of museums, palazzos, cathedrals, and art, Venice seduces and enchants you. Enjoy a romantic meal al fresco along the water watching the gondolas go by, or hire a local chef to prepare a private meal in your suite. To show her you’re a true romantic, skip the gondola ride and hire a boat to show her your version of Venice. What I love most about Venice are the winding roads that can lead to a surprise at every corner. The floating city will have you both soaring up above from love.

Often referred to as the “Venice of the North,” Amsterdam is a beautiful city of interconnecting canals to build memories with your sweetheart. Easily accessible by foot, water, or bicycle, Amsterdam allows you to take a carefree stroll or ride through the city, while taking in its history and beautiful architecture. Get even closer with a tandem bicycle to some of the city’s most famous museums, and end the day with a picnic on the canal. Get lost in the picturesque narrow streets lined with cobblestone and accented with harmonious architecture, and get find each other in the breezy Dutch city of Amsterdam.

Ah, l’amour! It seems that some of the most alluring aspects of love can all be found in Paris; from French, the language of love, to French kissing, to indulgent cuisine, the French city whispers love in the wind, infusing it with every step you take on your Parisian getaway. Fall in love while you take in the architectural and cultural beauty of the city at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Montmartre, the Champs Élysées, and the list goes on and on. Visit a nearby vineyard to sample wine or simply uncork a bottle at the foot of the Eiffel tower to drink the lover’s elixir that the French have perfected. Spoil your sweetie with macaroons from Ladurée while strolling along the river Seine. While some may find that romance in Paris is a cliché, we feel that, with so many famous movies and great literature centered upon everlasting love in Paris, as well as the lifelong attraction that you feel to the city from the moment you first visit, Paris is always just a love story waiting to happen. Plus, upon returning from your romantic escape, you can lovingly quote the classic film Casablanca: “We’ll always have Paris!”.

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