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The peaceful town of Valence is a gem in the South of France. In close proximity to many great vineyards and surrounded by lush greenery, Valence is also home to the legendary Restaurant Pic, a three Michelin star establishment that has been delighting locals and visitors alike since it first opened. With the help of respect, flavor, simplicity, and a certain je ne sais quoi that runs through the Pic family veins, Restaurant Pic has been THE restaurant of the region for over 100 years.

Restaurant Pic, located in Maison Pic – a luxurious 5-star boutique hotel, saw its beginnings in 1891 when Sophie Pic, the current chef’s great-grandmother, opened her café in Saint-Péray that quickly became renowned for its authentic regional cuisine. In 2007, Chef Anne-Sophie Pic became the first female chef since 1968 to hold three Michelin stars. This achievement in itself is quite outstanding, but when you discover that her father, Jacques Pic, and her grandfather, André Pic, were both awarded three Michelin Stars as well for Restaurant Pic, in 1973 and 1934 respectively, the urge to venture to Valence to taste anything from the menu becomes overwhelming.

With three generations of chefs ahead of her, the self-taught chef Anne-Sophie Pic draws on traditional dishes from her predecessors, as well as her simple, respectfully direct, and modern approach to cooking to create her menu. One of Anne-Sophie’s signature dishes, the Veal’s Sweetbreads, is a popular choice; the inventive pan-roasted dish comes with spring carrots and is flavored with lavender, the perfect balance of savoury and sweet. Possibly the most irresistible dish on the menu has been a favorite since 1971: Jacques Pic’s Sea Bass with Caviar. Simply described on the menu as “for those who cannot resist the mythical dish my father invented in 1971,” the decadent dish consists of sea bass covered with the entire contents of a 30 g tin of Aquitaine caviar. Just the sight of them spooning the caviar over your plate in front of you indulges your senses and the dish amuses your taste buds. After all, Michelin only bestows three stars on those special restaurants that are remarkably worth the trek, cost, and time, and Restaurant Pic is undoubtedly deserving of that description.

The sophisticated design of Restaurant Pic evokes the dreamlike infusion that goes into every meal prepared in the kitchen. Large bay windows and a gorgeous chandelier between two glass panels set the magical tone of the experience, reflecting off strategically placed mirrors that enhance the subtle lighting of the room. The understated roses and beiges of the chairs and linens, evoking an elegantly feminine and intimate feel to the dining room, seductively contrast the dark brown walls. A second room features large sofas in front of square tables to truly bring friends and family together, and a beautiful pink satin-lined rotunda is the perfect setting for romantic culinary discoveries à deux. The restaurant, while quite beautiful, is intentionally understated, so that diners may focus on what’s important: the meal and their lovely company!

At its current location in the heart of Valence along the famous Nationale 7 highway since 1934, Restaurant Pic is a highly-recommended stop on your Southern France tour. Allow yourself the luxury of dining at an award-winning restaurant orchestrated by an amazingly talented female chef, and discover a woman’s take on three Michelin stars. Contact your luxury concierge company for a gastronomic dining experience and to inquire for lunch or dinner reservations at Restaurant Pic in Valence, France.

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Pictures of Restaurant Pic courtesy of Maison Pic, Valence

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