Restaurante El Paraguas, Madrid: prestigious Asturian cuisine

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Madrid, Spain has many great restaurants and fine dining options; however, if you’re truly looking for an upscale restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and divine cuisine, Restaurante El Paraguas with its exquisite and delicate dishes will satisfy the palate of the true connoisseurs. (more…)

Book your NFL tickets to the football game in London, UK this October

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Following the success of the first NFL’s first trip to London in 2007 and for the fourth year in a row, the most popular professional sports league in North America will hold an International (regular-season) game in Europe: NFL London 2010. Indeed, the American National Football League (NFL) has confirmed that the San Francisco 49ers will face the Denver Broncos (more…)

Christina Hendricks for London Fog Fall 2010 ad campaign

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High-end raincoats and accessories maker London Fog, unveiled their Fall 2010 ad campaign featuring gorgeous “Mad Men” character Christina Hendricks. The campaign, shot by Nino Munoz, sees Christina Hendricks follow the stylish footsteps of A-list celebrities Gisele Bundchen and Eva Longoria as the face of the label. (more…)

Fashionable eyewear from seven brands: Fall Winter collection

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Those who wear it haven’t received the best reputation, “Four eyes”, “Nerd Herder”. Thankfully, as tastes in fashion and style continue to become more progressive and some say, more inclusive, top designers are finally looking at the rows of preppy collegiate sartorial trends and saying, “Hey, we need stylish prescription glasses (more…)

Fabulous men’s dress shoes: Why the best shoes are pointy

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I couldn’t agree more when I read that the best shoes are pointy; here when I mean pointy I am definitely NOT talking about those squared, stitched, elongated shoes (not my style). The first time you try on a pair of cockroach killers, you think you look slightly ridiculous, like an 18th-century courtier, or an elf. But here’s the thing: (more…)

Bali, Pray, Love and Discover with the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

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Celebrate the spirit of the popular book and Julia Roberts movie with your own experiences in Bali, India and Italy. St. Augustine said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Travelers learn that each new place they travel-each new page-reveals new delights about our world and expands their lives and experiences in unexpected (more…)

Book your Spa getaway: The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg

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Imagine traveling back to a time when the United States democracy was molded and shaped by great American leaders such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Now imagine walking through the streets of such a place, taking in the impressive 17th and 18th century architecture, while still indulging your senses at your very whim (more…)

The Ralph Lauren’s rare collector Hammond chess set

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The Hammond chess set by Ralph Lauren is designed to be modern and minimalist and a real eye catcher, whether displayed on a coffee table at home or in the office. The board has a black leather base and blackened nickel trim, with black powder coated squares and each set is individually numbered via a plaque under the lid with the signature “Ralph Lauren” (more…)

The new Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera officially announced

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If you’re passionate about photography you’ll be pleased to know that Nikon has added a new gem to its entry-level line of digital SLR cameras. The Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera carries some sexy specs to the market, including full adoption of HD video recording functionality that has not been included in previous low-end Nikons (more…)

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