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Whenever most think of Brazil, they think of the stunning women (models like Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, and regular woman alike), the beautiful landscapes, and soccer stars like Ronaldinho. We sometimes forget to include the amazing cuisine, but the year-old restaurant Kaá will make sure that we never forget to include Brazil’s culinary delicacies in the list of this country’s greats!

Káa, the result of a partnership between expert restaurateurs Paulo Barroso de Barros, Daniel Sahagoff, brothers Paulo Ricardo and Paulo Roberto Kress Moreira, and French chef Pascal Valero, is situated on the lively Juscelino Kubitscheck Avenue. Named from an old Brazilian native language, Káa, meaning “leaf, herb, grass,” is like a retreat for the taste and all of your other senses. Inspired by other open air projects in Miami, Ibiza, and Algarve, Kaá is a treat for the eyes with its high ceilings and a retractable roof specially created for the restaurant. The place has a stunning water mirror, and a beautiful vertical garden, holding seven thousand different plant species. It’s like eating in your own Garden of Eden!

Moving up in the centre of the room, we find a beautiful bar decorated with Indian objects and books. Over there, you can have a classic cocktail like a Cosmopolitan or a Bellini, or enjoy the exclusive Kaá drink prepared with yummy ingredients like pineapple, mint, green apple, vodka, and no sugar! Opposite the bar, on the upper floor, a staircase leads to a mezzanine-level cocktail lounge. In terms of the décor, Kaa favors contemporary furniture; indeed, the philosophy of this place transports the urban “paulista” to a Green environment. It’s an escape from the chaos.

At the restaurant, Chef Valero brings French-Italian fusion to the table to create some great masterpieces; their pasta is freshly-prepared on the spot, and meat dishes such as the Paleta de cordeiro ao molho do assado con pure de manioquinha (lamb cooked with manioc purée) will leave you salivating for more! They even have some delicious fish options on the menu, prepared in a fashion that is reminiscent of France.

Being one of best restaurants in Brazil, KAÁ was designed and decorated by Arthur Casas Architecture and Design Company led by its core, Arthur de Mattos. Dining in an oasis under the retractable roof (which lets the natural light in) provides the perfect feeling of airy relaxation. No doubt you’ll fall in love with the food!

KAÁ Restaurante
Av Juscelino Kubitschek, 279 – Vila Olimpia
CEP 04543-010 Sao Paulo – SP


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