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As a luxury concierge company, we recognize the importance of time saving and efficiency for our worldwide clientele; therefore,Pure Entertainment Group has created a list of 5 very popular International destinations by Private Jets (Part 1). Whether you travel for business or for leisure with your lover or a group of friends, these 5 great cities are magical, romantic, adventurous and fun. They deserve an A-list entrance, no doubt!

The 5 Popular International Destinations with Private Jets are (Part 1):

- Los Angeles, USA:

Los Angeles, California is the entertainment capital of the world, a major financial and banking centre, and a very popular touristy destination with some of the world’s finest high-end stores; therefore, it is fair to say Los Angeles, CA is now widely considered a premier private jet charter flight and air charter destination.

- Las Vegas, USA:

You like to gamble, the world-class gourmet dining and endless entertainment, the high-end designer boutiques and of course the first-class nightlife, welcome to Sin City. For business or leisure, Las Vegas remains a very attractive and popular Private Jet destination. Have a look at this Private Jet charter case study in Las Vegas.

- Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:

This coastal destination has long been famous for its fishing, world class golf courses, shopping, and of course its beautiful beaches. Now, Cabo San Lucas has a growing roster of luxury hotels-resort and gorgeous villas for rent which have attracted increasing numbers of celebrities and discerning travelers. Chartering a Private Jet to Cabo, Mexico for vacation or your luxury honeymoon is a must.

- Paris, France:

Oh la la Paris, the French capital and one of the world’s most beautiful city! You can’t go to Europe without stopping to Paris for a little bit of shopping on Place Vendôme, some gourmet experience (don’t forget to buy Ladurée Macarons) or to enjoy its endless cultural attractions. If you need to fly to Paris, do it in style with your own chartered Private Jet.

- Dubai, UAE:

Dubai is slowing becoming one of the fastest growing and ultra-modern cities in the world thanks to very large investments. It’s a city with great hospitality and many things to visit; a great blend of east and west, with all of the charm and adventure of the Middle East.

If you want to be connected to the world in a timely manner and with efficiency and ease, we suggest you contact your luxury concierge company. Throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and even tropical destinations, luxury concierge company Pure Entertainment Group delivers business people and discerning travelers to some of the hottest spots on earth. Contact us to arrange your next air charter, Private Jet (light, midsize, super, heavy and jumbo jets) to these popular destinations or any cities worldwide with the best private jet charter rates.

Email concierge@purentonline.com for Private Jet charter pricing and luxury concierge services info.

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