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I couldn’t help but smile when Tyra Banks suggested Daniel’s New York on her show, because Daniel is like a cute love quote that makes you smile. I like to think that it is not French dining, but instead Daniel’s dining because after leaving this place, at last, you will know what serenity is.

The food is absolutely divine. It is such culinary artwork that you almost feel guilty of having. And, the adorable French accents don’t hurt neither.

The staff is impeccable, un décor rafiné that unites the best of old and new with its design. Dynamic circles of loosely drawn dots intersect as they appear to swirl across the bespoke dining room carpet. The wine list-ah! With over 1600 selections the sommelier is most proud of his unique vertical selection of Chateau Latour dating from 1945 to 1990. And it is not over, Daniel’s dessert is magic; Chef Patissier Dominique Ansel is the man responsible for the final touch. His chocolate and fruit dessert menu evolve with the seasons, offering classics with creative twists. At the end, his artistry and talent will make you want to stand on your feet and clap your hands for the prestige. As for the check, we don’t recall.

For those still uncertain I will simply say that having a meal at least once a year at Daniel is essential to your quality of life. Daniel offers a dining experience that excites the senses: a vibrant ambiance, gracious service and delectable menu in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Daniel is a 2-star Michelin and 4-star NY Times: “lovers of fine dining turn to restaurants like Daniel, which safeguards a graciousness that deserves to survive any change in fashions and fortunes”. Your reservation awaits with your luxury concierge company Pure Conciergerie.

Reservation/Booking at Fine dining restaurant Daniel in New York City:

Email concierge@purentonline.com. for reservations, availability and pricing

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Pictures courtesy of fine dining restaurant Daniel

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