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Blog Purentonline is your immediate access to the luxury world as portrayed by a team of passionate individuals. We are jet setter, globe trotter, travel writer as well as luxury addict. We always blog about things we love so we can deliver that passion to our readers. We love to write about the best cities to visit, the luxury hotels and spas, the luxury villas, private jets and beautiful yachts, the World class restaurants the gadgets, the trends in fashion, art and culture, the lifestyle and fine living ideas and many more. Honestly don’t be shy, and come blog away with us. We love our readers.

We are a very unique luxury travel, entertainment and lifestyle blog because, not only you can read about your favourite destinations, discover new luxury gadgets and lifestyle trends but more importantly you can request a service from our concierge, Pure Conciergerie or our entertainment branch, Pure Entertainment. It’s like having your own personal assistant taking care of your needs whenever you want.

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A little bit about us
This concept is the brainchild of two brothers; Steve located in Montreal, Canada and Jean in Los Angeles, USA. Blog Purentonline is part of Pure Entertainment Group, a global bespoke event management and luxury concierge company based in Montreal, Canada. Feel free to contact us.

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