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Blog Purentonline is a new blog aspiring to establish itself as one of the reference in luxury travel, entertainment and lifestyle in the World. To achieve these aspirations, we welcome volunteer contributors who are able to write on the cities to visit, the best hotels and spas, the luxury villas, private jets and beautiful yachts, the gadgets, the trends in fashion, art and culture, the lifestyle and fine living ideas and many more.
At the moment we do not have the budget to cover all the necessary work and content for our contributors/tipsters, but we are confident that in a near future, we will be able to provide payment for each article.

All contributors/tipsters have to follow the Blog Purentonline submission guidelines. Feel free to contact us if you are interested with some samples and a short description of yourself.

Blog Purentonline is part of Pure Entertainment Group, a bespoke event management and luxury concierge company based in Montreal, Canada. The company offers the finest luxury lifestyle experiences to high net worth clients, corporations and wealthy individuals all around the World: From luxury villas rentals, private jets and yachts charters, restaurants reservations, corporate hospitality, luxury travel/bespoke trip planning to celebrities booking and more. Feel free to contact us if you would like to request a service at: concierge {at} purentonline.com.

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